Brand origins : 『Family』


『Family』 is everyone's safe haven and the best place for relaxing. It is even more the spiritual prop of everyone. But in present highly polluted environment, 『Clean Family』is getting farther away from us, and pursuit of it is becoming harder and harder…


COSTWELL saw that !

For the sake of 『Health of the earth』, 『All Families』, 『Reachable Clean Family』, COSTWELL is prepared to share our innovative technology with everyone.





Invisible to human observer but with risk of danger. 


COSTWELL TEK Gas Detector is committed to provide complete gas monitoring and first-hand information to keep your workplace or home safe from inhalation of leaked gases.


“Install Gas Detector, Safe Your Life Forever”

Let’s protect our 『Family』together !


COSTWELL sticks to 3-Principle to protect the『Family』.



        Integrity is the basis of mutual connection. 

        It is even more our commitment.



       “Great Learning” of the "Book of Rites" in Confucianism:

       "Those who want to be right, be honest first". 

       We follow this ancient truth with our sincerity.



       Be honest and sincere to get closer to you and me.



Value of COSTWELL does not come from our subjective assessment, but from Clients’ judgement, but also from contribution of each 『Family』 to the earth environment.


Since 2017, with successful feedback of our products from the Clients, COSTWELL also built and developed our『Family』. When 『Family』is not limited to individuals but extended to the global village, that is the proudest 『Value』of COSTWELL.